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View through trees and brush of a Spanish-style church in the distance.

View of a small, palm-covered hut situated between trees.

View of a man with a rifle in a large alligator’s mouth.

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Alligator Joe’s Battle With a Wounded Gator, Palm Beach, Florida: Here is one of the terrors of out southern rivers. Alligators are as much dreaded by bathers in the rivers…

View of a large group of crocodiles in a shallow area of water.

[Text on back] Crocodiles, Palm Beach, Florida: Closely related to the alligator described on view 13749 is the crocodile. These creatures are natives of Asia, but are found in Africa…

Slightly bird’s eye view of several rows of an orange grove. A man attired in a suit and hat stands between the first two rows.

View of a man riding on a mule-drawn cart while a boy holds the reigns. The Putnam House in Palatka, Florida is visible in the background.

View of a narrow stretch of river with heavy foliage on the shore. Two slanting branches form a triangular arch over the water that forms a diamond shape when viewed with the surface reflection.

Frontal view of the Marion Steamboat docked at a small wooden landing on the river. Crew and several passengers stand along the front of the steamboat; the name of the boat is clearly visible.

Close-up view of the front of the Osceola Steamboat docked at landing. Men and women, attired in suits and floor-length dresses pose along the decks.

View of a steamboat with men, women, and children attired in suits and floor-length dresses posing on the decks.
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